Results Focused Mindsets, Data Geeks at heart.

We get excited by making a positive impact through the power of data. Scale your business today. 

Behind The Brand.

Connection is a key need for humans, to be connected to others. Our minds are the most vital organ in our body. Connctd is spelt incorrectly, to show you the power of the mind, as our minds will decipher the word correctly. 

In business, the need for connection is so different. A fully connected company is the most important ingredient to its long-term sustainability.

Connecting people and processes with data to achieve the commercial objectives of businesses is the key to growth.

At Connctd, we live and breathe data, to scale businesses, profitably.

We care, we understand your business, your goals and your vision, and most importantly what is your WHY? 

Our Promise

Your partners to scale, profitably

Providing you with access to our specialists network

Turning data into insights that connects with your consumers

Implementing a culture of data focused

Upskilling your team to care about data

Tell your story that your audience wants to hear.

Founder Aileen O'Doherty

Described as an eccentric data geek, I have successfully transformed businesses through the power of data analysis.

13 years of experience in scaling businesses from Dublin Airport Authority, BeeMe, to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or schedule a call, this one action could transform and scale your business.

The most personal part of you is your signature, it usually represents a commitment. My commitment to my clients is to help you scale.

Aileen O'Doherty

We believe everyone deserves to be connected to themselves.

Mental health recovery should be accessible to everyone.

We are passionate about helping others, we really do care that finance should not be the reason people cannot access life-changing therapy.

Therefore our business will donate 1% of profits to provide funding for people to access therapy.

We can’t change the world in an instant, but it won’t stop us from trying to change one person’s world.

Get Connected with Connctd.