Apply for Irish Citizenship
with our step by step guide

Irish Citizenship Step by Step Guide

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the high costs associated with hiring a lawyer or law firm to submit your Irish Citizenship application? Are you unsure if you can navigate the process yourself? Look no further!

Our comprehensive e-book guide provides step-by-step guidance, tips, FAQs and samples of how to fill in the application form, empowering you to take control of your application process without breaking the bank. Whether you are eligible through an Irish-born parent, grandparent, or great-grandparent, we’ve got you covered.

By investing in our guide, you’ll save thousands of dollars in legal fees and gain the confidence to successfully navigate the process yourself. Plus, our guide is designed to be accessible and inclusive, providing a pathway to citizenship for those who might not have the resources to hire professional help.

Don’t let the cost of legal fees hold you back from claiming your Irish Citizenship. Take the first step towards your journey with our comprehensive e-guide and enjoy the benefits of becoming an Irish citizen.

 What Do I Get from this E-Book

A complete guide and step by step process to apply for your Irish Citizenship. We cover  the Irish Citizenship application process for:

Irish Born Parents at time of your birth, Irish Born Parents after your birth or via your grandparents/great grandparents

  • Eligibility requirements – Thorough explanation and who to reach out to help pursue Irish Citizenship
  • Finding required documents to support your application
  • The application process – Step by step guide on how to fill in and submit your application
  • Supporting Statement and case study to support your application
  • The importance of accuracy and completeness – Detailed requirements needed for each part of the application form
  • Preparing for the application process
  • Completing the application form including tips, samples and resources for completion
  • How to make your application stand out, including a case study of what to include
  • Groups to join to support your application
  • Submitting documentation
  • Paying the application fee
  • Tracking the progress of your application
  • Tips and case studies for a successful application
  • Sample application form and Supporting documentation


    FAQs – We will continue to update this section, we have researched what previous applicants have asked and provided a detailed answer

Where to find jobs and homes (including top real estate agents that help you purchase a home abroad)

How to bring your pet to Ireland

Irish Sayings and what they mean – Let’s have some fun too.

Hidden places to visit and places to stay

Access to Immigration Consultants for additional support – This is a paid service


This e-guide includes all of the resources and links to ensure you get the most up to date information to support you in your application. We also partner with Immigration services, so if you require additional support we will provide it.

About Us

Our experience has inspired the creation of this e-book guide that provides comprehensive information on how to apply for Irish Citizenship. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we hope to empower people to make informed decisions about their citizenship journey, whether they choose to seek professional help or DIY themselves.

Our goal is to create a more accessible and inclusive pathway to Irish Citizenship for all, and our experience has given you the insight and expertise needed to do so. By providing this guide.

Solicitors can charge up to $2K per application, or you can read this guide an educate yourself on how to do it yourself. Remember you are still responsible for collecting the required documents outlined in this E-Guide, so even if you work with a solicitor you are still required to do all of the ground work yourself. Which makes me question, why you wouldn’t do it yourself…

Also Law Firms cannot guaranteed to have your application approved, it is up to the minister discretion whether you are granted Citizenship. So why risk up to $2K

But what If you do need help, we have also teamed up with the #1 Immigration consultation to provide you with additional support.  This partnership is with a company that does all the groundwork for you, so we believe if you are too lazy to do it yourself or finding getting documents hard, we have the team for you.